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The Amery Arts Alliance has been operating the Amery Classic Theatre in downtown Amery for 19 months. In that time, many shows have been presented, and the theatre has been rented for several events. The owners have offered to sell the Theatre to the Alliance.
The Alliance has little money and the problem with the building roof has become a challenge. The Alliance has decided to attempt to raise the necessary capital....both to purchase, and to re-roof the theatre. The Alliance has received a matching gift of $20,000.00. IF we can match it with donations, that will start the project. A payment of $40,000.00 could be made, at which point the roof would be replaced this summer, allowing full use of the theatre’s 224 seats, and the addition of improvements, like an artist’s ‘green room’ . The balance of the purchase price would still have to be raised, by ticket sales, rentals and donations.
It is a BIG project that will bring positive attention to Amery and the surronding area. A city and its citizens attempting to save an historical downtown building for theatrical purposes.
Few cities the size of Amery even have a theatre....some cities have lost their theatre. This art-deco jewel was built in 1936 and retains that period charm. However, it is in need of a new roof and other improvements. The Amery Arts Alliance believes that the community wants the Theatre to continue to be a beacon in downtown Amery, and will help raise the funds to make it so!
Help the Alliance raise the funds!
 Call 715-268-9722 or 268-2219 to support the theatre and get involved in the ‘Save Amery’s Theatre’ project. Or stop in a 130 Riverside Blvd. and get acquainted with the project.



Interested in volunteering? Email for more information.