Welcome to the Amery Arts Alliance

If you love ‘live’ performances, hearing the laughter and sounds of a theatre, and want to see this sort of entertainment survive and thrive in Amery. You will love the Amery Arts Alliance concept.
At home in the Amery Classic Theatre, the Alliance offers a place to close your laptop, turn off your cell phone, forget your TV, and relax into a simpler time, where families gathered to watch and enjoy live’ performances, of all kinds.
The Amery Arts Alliance wants to provide ‘live’ affordable theatre for families in the Amery and surrounding area. We will strive to attract actors, directors, musicians, and a large following of loyal and committed volunteers.
The future of the Amery Arts Alliance includes bringing to the Amery Classic Theatre, the productions of the Amery Community Theatre, the sound and fun of the Apple River Opry, the creation of ‘The Alliance Players’ to write and produce their own plays and other productions, and to have an educational component to improve the enjoyment of and enhance a love of the Arts in general.
The Amery Arts Alliance, operating in the Amery Classic Theatre, plans to be in operation farther than the foreseeable future. We seek public membership in the Alliance, and public participation in the activities within the Amery Arts Alliance.

Amery Arts Alliance

118 Keller Avenue North
Amery, Wisconsin 54001

Tel. 715.268.2219


email: artsalliance@amerytel.net