Welcome to the Amery Arts Alliance

For nearly two years, the Amery Arts Alliance has offered a wide variety of shows and events in the Amery Classic Theatre. The theatre is a place to turn off your laptop, your cell phone, and any troubles on your mind; forget your TV and slip into an easier time…a simpler time.

The Amery Arts Alliance, Inc. has decided to purchase the Amery Classic Theatre. The Amery Arts Alliance, Inc. has determined that it will take $75,000.00 to purchase the theatre, and there is a deadline of June 30th to get this done, so that it cannot be sold to another interested party. After June 30th, sale to others is possible, and the Alliance wants to keep live theatre in Amery…forever. The 501(c)(3) corporation Amery Arts Alliance, inc. is a way to assure local ownership and operation.

Donors should know that after the purchase, an additional up to $40,000.00 will be required to re-roof the structure. Without the re-roofing, the theatre cannot be made a successful venture, due to roof leakage.

The Amery Arts Alliance, Inc., has determined that their operation of the theatre since June 2017 has brought the feel for and the need for live theatre to the attention of residents of Amery and the surrounding area.

This is Amery’s opportunity to bring theatre to life again in Amery and surrounding area, and help the Amery Arts Alliance, inc. to make Amery even more of a destination.

Amery Arts Alliance

118 Keller Avenue North
Amery, Wisconsin 54001

Tel. 715.268.2219


email: artsalliance@amerytel.net

Colleen Raye Event will be at the Amery High School Auditorium 555 Minneapolis Ave Amery WI


Prepurchased tickets will be in an envelope with your name on it when you get there and the ticket seller will give them to you.