About The Alliance



The Mission of the Amery Arts Alliance is to, potentially, combine all arts efforts into an Alliance of independent groups, that work together to enrich lives, and to provide all kinds of artistic opportunities.
The Purpose of the Alliance is to promote, support and advocate for, cooperative efforts in culture and the arts for residents and visitor, through regional collaborations.


‘Save Amery’s Theatre’ Project

The Amery Arts Alliance has determined it will purchase the Amery Classic Theatre, if it can raise the necessary funds to do so. The Amery Arts Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt corporation, and will bring local ownership and operation to the Amery Classic Theatre, and keep that bright light in downtown Amery. The Amery Arts Alliance is seeking local help in raising the funds to acquire the theatre and install a new roof. The local help is individuals to help raise the money, AND local donations to move the project forward. Funds raised will be placed in a special account at WESTconsin Credit Union in Amery, to be used only for the purchase and for roof replacement. This is Amery’s chance to have LOCAL ‘live’ theatre in a performing arts center for all the arts, in an historic building, locally owned and operated, that will make the theatre a center for area residents, and visitors to our area, from everywhere. Information is available on the web at ameryartsalliance.org, or by phone at 715-268-2219 or 715-268-9722, or on Facebook (AmeryArts Alliance). The Amery Arts Alliance is a LOCAL 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.